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Rumbling below the surface of New Zealand's Central North Island lies a hotbed of fiery fury, formed by a clash between two mighty subterranean forces, and giving rise to colourful thermal parks, bubbling mud pools, and soothing hot springs. The Central North Island is the best place to see New Zealand's thermal activity and this book is ideal for anyone planning to travel exclusively in the Central North Island region of New Zealand. If your journey is more extensive, consider purchasing Visions of the North Island from the Visions of New Zealand series instead, as it relates to the whole of the North Island. (Please note that this book is a regional extract taken from the Visions of the North Island).

Visions of New Zealand books relating to the South Island are also available.

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Published - September 2012

Number of pages - Varies according device

Number of words (approx) - 23,000

Number of images - 40

ISBN ePub - 978-1-927229-06-4

ISBN Mobi - 978-1-927229-00-2

ISBN PDF - 978-1-927229-08-8

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